The Internet. First name - The :-P (insidefury) wrote in dreamcacher,
The Internet. First name - The :-P

Monk and Jennifer Aniston

I don't usually have these kind of dreams. Last night I had a dream that I was, or looked like Jennifer Aniston, and I moved into an apartment, it was modernish - with an african feel, like a hut. I was moving in withe Monk (the from the tv show). Anyway, we started having sex everywhere, and we were interupted by the Monk's partner. We then protected a little girl, aged 2/3ish on the bed (we weren't doing anything on the bed). when she left, we contuned. When that was finished, we had swapped bodies. Then I was chooising wines for Jennifer Aniston, and we were talking about our future together X.x

Anyone want to decipher?

I'll post my dreams on a regular basis
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