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speaking of jennifer aniston, a few days ago she destroyed my manhood in a dream i had:

i don't remember everything, but i remember floating out on a barge with her (or someone who i knew that kind of looked like her) and a bunch of other people out to this tropical island where ze germans (as in german soldiers) were. there was a hangman's scaffold on the island with a table next to it. ze german officer had her place this messenger bag she had on the table and they basically said that even though she stole the bag from them they really liked the paintjob she put on it with making it olive green with red flaps to go over the pockets on it and gold accents on the entire thing, so they told us they'd let us go. we started making out like crazy right there as ze germans and everybody on the island left, and as they floated off they all waved goodbye at us. next thing i know, jennifer (or the jennifer look-alike... like i said, it looked like her but i'm not entirely sure if it was her) stands behind me, reaches under my legs, and gives me a reverse wedgie from behind o_o; and THEN lifts and holds me entirely up with one hand. it was all i could do to yell "mine jewels!!" and then i woke up.

sounds almost more like a nightmare, haha.

she was hawt, but in the end my manhood was naught.
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