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dreamcacher's Journal
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in dreamcacher's LiveJournal:

Thursday, May 19th, 2005
11:04 am

::: my dream last night :::

well I found this community while looking for communities that had snoring as an interest, because I'm trying to stop!

but anyways I thought I'd post my little dream last night because I like this community.....

I was on a boat, on the phone to my boyfriend just talking general rubbish to him. then a guy I used to work with, Ryan came out of nowhere and I started to get off with him and almost sleep with him! all this while on the phone - very creepy and made me feel bad about it!

other details like it was a sunset and stuff made it a very surreal dream!

thanks for listening!

butterflies + eskimo kisses
Luv Lynz x

Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
11:49 am
so i had this dream last night that my home was really a bank, and we were being robbed! these two girls came in (don't remember what one was wearing, but the other looked like a bad milly thompson cosplayer. anyway "milly" came in and threatened me with her gatling gun and asked for the money, so i opened up our oven and took it out (apparently our oven was the safe) and gave it to her. she and her friend left to go in our backyard where their getaway car was, and shoujonomori was out there too. we hugged each other as the robbers were getting in their car - i don't know what model it was since it kept changing models and colors.... it was some shapeshifting car or something, haha. "milly" threatened us with her gun again so shoujonomori and i just hugged tighter so she wouldn't shoot us. i think i knew that the gun was just a prop, but she did a good job of menacing with it.

the other girl who was robbing my house took off whatever outfit she had to reveal that she was wearing some bright red bikini underneath, so i told them that they were kind of cute looking in a bank-robber sort of way (again, i guess to keep from having them shoot me, but this was when i really first noticed the friend and she wasn't bad looking herself - i guess during the robbery she kept watch on the customers in the "lobby" which was our living room).

for some reason i can't explain either, obi wan kenobi was outside in our backyard but he didn't do a single thing but stand there. maybe we had a statue of obi wan out there. WHO KNOWS.
Sunday, January 25th, 2004
6:02 am
It's strange that most of my dreams now deal with the ocean. Last night I had a dream about water filling this place getting deeper and deeper and all these dangerous sea creatures came to try to attack me and the other unknown people in my dream. I thought the sea creatures were going to kill me. I don't remember most of my dream except this...
Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
12:15 pm
ok, three weird dreams last night:

first one involved my friend stu giving me money to go buy drugs for the two of us, and everything in the dream was stereotypically trippy, haha. apparently we knew exactly what store to go to in order to buy drugs, haha. that's about all i remember from that one.

in the second one it was like a flashback/flashforward sort of dream... i was this teenage kid who was locked up in a prison made from a castle during the revolutionary war era. in the flashforward scenes i was my modern-day self looking at a brochure of the prison as a historical site, and in the brochure it had pictures of friends of mine as the prisoners. the brochure was also weird in that the pictures in it were actually movies, so you could see people walking around and things like that by looking through the brochure.

one of the articles in the brochure was about a student who had been killed in the prison for cheating on an exam given in the prison... apparently he cheated by peeking through a pinhole in the wall to see the exam paper of the guy in the cell next to his, and the prison guards found out and flooded his cell and he had to stand on the bed but eventually drowned and died. the whole thing was called "the manchester pinhole incident" (something like that... it might have been something different in place of "manchester" though). the article also went on to state that they never ended up finding the hole that the prisoner peeked through.

anyway, so i saw that in the brochure and there was the flashback effect and i was the guy in the prison cell and i knew i had to escape from the prison because someone wanted me dead and i knew if i escaped and was caught or wasn't able to escape at all then i'd die because it was the manchester pinhole incident all over again.

somehow i managed to escape and befriended this kid that looked just like opie from the andy griffith show (except he was wearing revolutionary era clothing) and he introduced me to this guy who would ride around the towns announcing things paul-revere style, and the guy wanted to turn me in to the authorities. somehow i knew though that by giving anyone who wanted to turn you in this belt-buckle cover with a picture of the prison on the front and a flask i had stole from the prison then they'd do whatever i asked them to to keep me out. so i gave those to that guy and he in turn took me to this house to meet this old man with white hair and sideburns to find out what we should try to do.

while we were talking to the old man he had his maid make us some sandwiches and lemonade as we talked. soon though the british soldiers who ran the prison arrived and started beating on the door trying to come in, so the guy said to the maid, "dear, better make those jiffy's instead!" so all we got were pb&j sandwiches and had to run out the back door to escape.

i woke up because the phone was ringing but soon fell back asleep

in the third one i was rearranging things in my basement (which also somehow turned out to be the backyard as well), and then i was told i had to leave with the army and suddenly was wearing my army gear. i don't remember who i heard it from but apparently the top brass were upset that a bunch of soldiers were seen leaving mcdonald's in full gear, but they didn't care at all that thousands and thousands of us were running across big open fields in broad daylight to the troop carriers. just before i left i remembered i had $1000 mostly in $20 bills hidden under my bed in a shoebox so i gave it to mom and told her to put it in the bank for me. we found a banknote from sweden that was worth 10 whatever-sweden-uses, but i said i didn't need that since we weren't going to sweden.

then i woke up.

Current Mood: good
2:14 am
I had a dream last night that I ran into this old man and he wanted me to be his grand daughter and we talk some. Then I left and drove on a bridge on the highway. My car was the only car on the bridge. The ocean next to the bridge started to rise fast and flood. It got higher and higher and the waves started to rise like giant tsunamis. I was scared and clenched the wheel. Soon the waves reached the bridge and water started to go around my car. My car was floating forward and I lifted my head to see the last part of the wind shield that was above the water and then I woke up.
Saturday, January 17th, 2004
9:28 pm
5:29 am
I often write about the strange dreams I have in my journal. here are some.

Friday, January 16th, 2004
11:48 am
speaking of jennifer aniston, a few days ago she destroyed my manhood in a dream i had...Collapse )

she was hawt, but in the end my manhood was naught.

Current Mood: amused
10:09 pm
Monk and Jennifer Aniston
I don't usually have these kind of dreams. Last night I had a dream that I was, or looked like Jennifer Aniston, and I moved into an apartment, it was modernish - with an african feel, like a hut. I was moving in withe Monk (the from the tv show). ...Collapse )

Anyone want to decipher?

I'll post my dreams on a regular basis
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
1:09 am
Missing Eyeball
I remember this really weird dream I had when I was a little kid. I must have been seven years old at the time. It involved my younger brother, who is 3 years younger than me, and characters from the old live action Dennis the Menace show, specifically Dennis and his mother. I was a big fan of the show back in those days and I watched it all the time.

Anyway, like the show, the whole dream was in black and white. In this dream, the woman who was normally Dennis's mother in the show was a babysitter in the dream. Dennis left her in charge of my little brother, who was his little brother in the dream, while he went out to engage in unspecified activities. Dennis said before leaving, "Make sure nothing bad happens while I'm gone."

When Dennis left, the babysitter formerly known as his mother went to tuck my little brother into bed only to find that he had lost his eyeballs. All he had were these hollow sockets in his face. My little brother was crying pretty fiercely due to his lost eyeballs. I guess he cried his eyes out.

Needless to say that the babysitter was in a frenzied state of panic. She was searching all over the house for my brother's eyeballs without any results. She was very worried about getting them back into their sockets before Dennis came back. I think she was more worried about Dennis noticing than the well-being of my little brother.

Meanwhile, my little brother was lying in bed screaming his head off. That is until the babysitter found his eyeballs in his bedside drawer. She popped them back in just as Dennis got home. She greeted him at the door with my brother in her arms and Dennis asked with a suspicious look on his face, "So were there any problems while I was gone?" The babysitter said, "No not at all, things went just fine." Meanwhile my little brother sat in her arms and grinned.

That's the extent of what I can remember, but that's one of the dreams from long ago that I can still vividly picture in my mind.

Current Mood: nostalgic
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