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Missing Eyeball

I remember this really weird dream I had when I was a little kid. I must have been seven years old at the time. It involved my younger brother, who is 3 years younger than me, and characters from the old live action Dennis the Menace show, specifically Dennis and his mother. I was a big fan of the show back in those days and I watched it all the time.

Anyway, like the show, the whole dream was in black and white. In this dream, the woman who was normally Dennis's mother in the show was a babysitter in the dream. Dennis left her in charge of my little brother, who was his little brother in the dream, while he went out to engage in unspecified activities. Dennis said before leaving, "Make sure nothing bad happens while I'm gone."

When Dennis left, the babysitter formerly known as his mother went to tuck my little brother into bed only to find that he had lost his eyeballs. All he had were these hollow sockets in his face. My little brother was crying pretty fiercely due to his lost eyeballs. I guess he cried his eyes out.

Needless to say that the babysitter was in a frenzied state of panic. She was searching all over the house for my brother's eyeballs without any results. She was very worried about getting them back into their sockets before Dennis came back. I think she was more worried about Dennis noticing than the well-being of my little brother.

Meanwhile, my little brother was lying in bed screaming his head off. That is until the babysitter found his eyeballs in his bedside drawer. She popped them back in just as Dennis got home. She greeted him at the door with my brother in her arms and Dennis asked with a suspicious look on his face, "So were there any problems while I was gone?" The babysitter said, "No not at all, things went just fine." Meanwhile my little brother sat in her arms and grinned.

That's the extent of what I can remember, but that's one of the dreams from long ago that I can still vividly picture in my mind.
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